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What do you do when you find out your family isn’t your family, death is knocking at your door, and that guy you can’t stop thinking about knows more about who you are than you do? Amelia Hoffman was just a normal 15 year old until she found out the truth. Now ancient myths, supernatural beings, and murder have changed everything. Tests and school dances are no longer the biggest worry in her life– she has to figure out how to save everyone she loves and accept the future in front of her before it’s too late.

I am really excited to be a part of the Natural Selection Book Tour. I really enjoy YA books especially paranormal ones. With that said, I was expecting to be bored with this one but I was wrong. It was certainly refreshing that the main character is something you don’t encounter often in YA paranormal books. She is a gaia, an earth spirit, and that is pretty cool to me. Amelia is a great, well-developed character. I love how the author, Elizabeth Sharp, intertwines the pains and awkwardness of growing up with the ‘development’ of Amelia’s powers.

I love the fact that her sister is a succubus and her brother a djinn. They are funny. They are also really wise above their years and I know it sounds awful but I just can’t stand YA books about teenagers 15 -18 who act like sex is a no-no word. I think everyone over the age of 12 knows what it is and while I hope they dont practice it that young, its ridiculous to pretend like it doesnt exist. The only thing I didnt like was how matter of fact death was in this book. I would mourn a stranger or even an enemy passing so I guess I assume everyone else would do the same. I like the displays of powers in this book. I also appreciated the fact that all of the characters are well described.

I do not want to give anything else away so I will just say that this is a great book. It was enjoyable and it kept my attention which is pretty hard considering all the distractions in my house. I cannot wait for the next installment, Second Nature. I was ready for it as soon as I read the preview in the back of Natural Selection!

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I was provided a copy of Natural Selection to facilitate my review. As always, I provided my honest opinion.

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