End of the Summer Fun Learning with BrainBeat

I received BrainBeat in order to facilitate my review. As always, all opinions are my own and my kids super enjoyed learning with BrainBeat.


No matter how old you are you always will remember that last month before school is back in. I have been out of school for many many years and I still dread the end of August because I know it means school is here. My kids are no different. Matthew has been despairing over the fact that he will be in the 6th grade this year and he has attended the school meet and greets so he knows that this means tons more homework for him. He has been worried that he wont be able to handle the increased workload of his new school and make it into the GRC program he wants to be in.  Since he has been reading and playing word games with me to keep his skills sharp. We recently received BrainBeat to try to enjoy some end of the summer fun while learning at the same time.

learning with brainbeat

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Matthew has always been quick to adapt to video games so it was no surprise to me that he got everything set up on my laptop immediately. BrainBeat is a cognitive trainer for kids that’s scientifically proven to improve focus. According to Matthew it helps time your brain and make you smarter and it makes you exercise.  Kids train for 14 20-minute sessions, during which they face new worlds to conquer. The first round it told Matthew to jump up and get started and it started him clapping to the beat. I can see what he means by exercise. Designed for kids ages 6 through 12, BrainBeat is sold exclusively on BrainBeat.com for $249.99. The claphand that came with it definitely got a workout the first day we had the game.

learning with brainbeat

Matthew had a blast and I was super happy knowing that he was learning at the same time. BrainBeat improves timing and rhythm through real-time, millisecond feedback by targeting two areas of the brain: the parietal lobe (controls sight, sound and motion) and prefrontal or executive area (controls decision-making).  So all the while that Matthew was playing the screen was flashing telling him what to do and he got cool flashy badges when he completed a level. He also got instant praise with lights and sound cues to let him know how well he was doing. I told him that if he gets through the next two sessions I would buy him a new book. See that parenting/positive reinforcement in action? Yep, I got this parenting thing down and I am excited to have a great brain workout helper like BrainBeat for my kids.


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  1. This looks and sounds like a great way to help with getting a person to be able to focus better. I definitely am going to have to look into more. Thanks for sharing this review with us.

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