Encourage Your Toddler’s Brain Development with Happy Family #ToddlerMilkChallenge

Happy Family provided us with the tools necessary for an awesome playdate but as always, all opinions are my own.

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There are few things better than a happy baby. Okay, as a mom there is nothing better than a happy baby. A roomful of happy playing toddlers is a roomful if happy moms.  A couple of weeks ago I had a playmate with some mom friends courtesy of Happy Family’s New Happy Tot Grow and Shine Organic Toddler Milk. This is a nutrient rich milk developed specifically for children 12-24 months, and it offers more DHA, ARA, and choline than other toddler milks. It also gives you more essential nutrients that regular milk doesn’t.  All in all, the milk plus the cookies I was sent meant that our toddler play date was a huge hi.  Even us moms were eating the cookies when the kids weren’t looking.


We were supposed to come up with a brain teaser game for the kids. So we thought it over while the kids played outside.  They had a ton of fun playing with each other.


Then we thought it was time to go in and we gave them some awesome Happy Family Toddler Milk which apparently is good to the last drop because Moriah sucked hers down as soon as we gave her some.


The game we played was a name that object version of hot potato where before they could hand off the ‘hot potato’ they had to tell us what the object was and then move it to the next kid in the circle.


My youngest wasn’t the best at this but she had a lot of fun trying, and her brother had a lot of fun telling her what her ‘potato’ was.  This was a great game because they had to use their motor skills in order to pass the ‘potato’ to the next person.

toddler-milk-challenge-7I liked this because my youngest needs a little motor skill help, to be honest, and one of her favorite things to do at home is to hand me, or anyone really, stuff she’s picked up and then have us hand it back.  If you like our toddler brain game, visit the Happy Family Facebook page anytime between November 25 and December 2 and vote for us!


All in all we had a great time with friends with some delicious snacks and a fun game that also helped to teach our kids something. It was a day full of happy moms and even happier kids. Especially at the end when they got to enjoy some Happy Family food pouches.

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