Dragon Fire Book Review & Book Tour

Dragon Fire Book Review & Book Tour


Dragon Fire

I am definitely a sword and sorcery type of girl. I grew up on Soloman Kane, Conan, and Kull. My father even has a tattoo of Kane on one arm, a gryphon on a crystal ball on the top, the wyrm at world’s end on the other arm and his navy tattoo at the top of that arm.  I performed “The Road of Kings” by Robert E Howard for my poetry performance in high school. So you can see how I would love these types of books. So pretty much any book titled Dragon Fire and you have got my interest.  Throw in being an anguished kingdom’s only hope and I am sold.  I eagerly accepted to do a book review on Dragon Fire by Pedro L. Alvarez as you might have guessed.

Dragon Fire is about a young man named Delcan who wants to become more than just a farmers son not knowing that he will one day change the course of the kingdoms future. He wants to win at the Flarian Festival and become a squire and eventually a knight. He knows he is destined for greatness. With him is his friend Sandrion who also wants to become a knight. They qualify and meet the princess, Aria, who disguises herself to try to take a squires training. Even though she is far better than the boys, her grandfather thinks her a disgrace and keeps her locked away.  The people are downtrodded and no one believes in anything anymore. There is no longer a world of dragons and magic, only the world of an evil, greedy king. Aria and Delcan set a chain of events in motion that will forever impact the kingdom around them. Will they make the right choice?

I thoroughly enjoyed this read.  I was kind of disappointed when it was over because Alvarez’s world is a world I would continue to read about. The characters were so real that I gasped every time one of them was in danger and literally almost cried when one (no spoilers on who) died. I saw it coming, I knew it was going to happen but I was still upset when it did. I get invested in books such as this one and Dragon Fire was like opening a door into a world that people left long ago. I wish it had been longer but I loved every second there was of it. The details were very expressive, one could almost imagine being at a festival long ago cheering on the peasants who competed to become squires.  If you haven’t read Dragon Fire yet, go get it. Today if possible. You will not regret it.

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