Doctor On Demand App Review- see a doctor when you want, no waiting room required!

I’d had an awful stuffy head for several days now. I’m achy and tired and more than anything else, I’m over scheduled. I can’t get to the doctor right now, not for anything less than a broken leg. That’s the mom life, right? But I have to confess, I’m pretty miserable right now.

So I was massively relieved to realize that I’d been chosen to evaluate the new Doctor On Demand service! I literally had a doctor on demand- all I had to do was download the app, fill out a little background information, and I’d be able to sneak in a ‘trip’ to the doctor during nap time without ever having to deal with piling the kids in the car, germ-filled waiting rooms, or even changing out of my fuzzy slippers and yoga pants. What a huge relief, and a HUGE convenience!


Doctor On Demand is a brilliant service, taking advantage of technology we all have- a smartphone or web-enabled tablet. Simply download the app, navigate through the easily understood instructions on your medical background, and schedule an appointment. You can meet with a doctor right away, or schedule one for later on if you can’t get to it right away. Once I had the app downloaded, it didn’t take long to fill out the few forms they had, and I could even specify the pharmacy I wanted to use. Of course, I chose to see a doctor right away. I was quickly connected with Dr. Lanka Lawler, who had a fantastic bedside manner. She was able to check my throat via the camera on my device, and I was able to check my temp with a home thermometer and let her know what the result was. She quickly diagnosed a sinus infection and was able to phone in a prescription to help clear it up. A quick trip to the pharmacy was all I needed to do, and the script was ready to go when I got there. Honestly it could not have been easier! And I’m so happy I was able to address my health needs instead of putting them on the back burner like I tend to do- it’s a bad mom habit, I know, but we all do it. So instead of suffering through a sinus infection on my own, I was able to get help quickly, and from the comfort of my own sofa without having to drag my kids out or risk being exposed to something awful in a clinic waiting room.


This cold and flu season, consider using Doctor On Demand for those issues you either don’t have time to go to the doctor’s and wait, or for the sicknesses that make it too miserable to leave the house, I know the last time I had the flu I absolutely couldn’t go in to a doctor’s office I was so sick! And it’s the PERFECT solution for when you’re sick and out of town and don’t want to risk a costly out-of-contract service provider visit. A quick and easy Doctor On Demand consultation makes managing your cold and flu season as easy as it can be!


I’m very happy with the care I received from Dr. Lawler and Doctor On Demand. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their convenient service the next time I get sick! I know this isn’t the most flattering picture but screenshots while everyone is talking are hard to catch great pictures.


And guess what? Just for my readers, I have a special coupon code good for one FREE video consultation with Doctors On Demand so you can try it out for yourself! I bet a bunch of you have been putting off a doctor’s trip, due to not having the time, or being worried about germs, or maybe over money. This is your chance! Try Doctors On Demand and comment below to let me know how it went!

Just use Coupon Code: GENERATIONS15

And check out more about Doctor On Demand via social media- there’s tons of information on their website, and you can follow along with their new services through their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


Author: Amy

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