Do good for yourself and your school with Tom’s of Maine- see how you can help your school!

toms-of-maine-2Tom’s of Maine wants to inspire teachers and kids to learn more about the planet we share and to make a difference at the same time! In partnership with, Tom’s of Maine wants to impact communities with the recently launched $1M Green Your School Fund, which will help provide funding for ‘green’ classroom projects all over the country. Teachers can go to to submit an environmental project and Tom’s will match all donations up to $2K! Since April, Tom’s has funded more than 250 project through this initiative which has impacted more than 43,000 students!

Now the public can go to through October 17th to vote on 10 exceptional projects that were submitted through this initiative. So whether you want to vote on a project already out there, or whether you want to help you school raise money for a fantastic project, you are able to help Tom’s of Maine make a real difference in green education in communities all over the country!

You can also make a difference by buying Tom’s of Maine products- 10 percent of every purchase goes back to supporting people and our planet. I know buying Tom’s of Maine means I’m going to get a high-quality item that is good for me and good for the earth.


Recently my kids and I were able to try out their new Wicked Cool deodorant line for boys and girls- it’s formulated without aluminum, parabens, or artificial fragrances and provides 24 hour odor protection. We really liked how good the Wicked Cool products smelled, and they worked great for odor control! Tom’s new Wicked Cool deodorants were chosen for the Made to Matter Handpicked by Target 2016 program, which aims to make natural products easier to find by featuring them at Target. So they’re easy to find and grab on your next Target run!


We already use their children’s toothbrushes and Silly Strawberry toothpaste- in my house they are a must-have and a total favorite! My kids like to sing silly songs while they brush their teeth. But we were able to try out their new Wicked Cool toothpaste (a total hit!) and their Spearmint Ice toothpaste which was a big blast of fresh! I cant handle toothpaste that is too ‘fresh’ like some labels say because it burns my gums. This was great and very mild.


Do good for yourself and the planet and try some of these Tom’s of Maine products today, and be sure and participate in their amazing educational initiative, whether it’s by voting, or by getting your school or classroom involved. It’s such a great opportunity to do good and feel good all at once!

Also be sure to check out the other products on my BACK TO SCHOOL ROUND UP! 

Author: Amy

Amy is a homeschooling mom of two teens that just relocated to a small neighborhood close to downtown Birmingham, AL. She enjoys gardening, travel, crochet, embroidery, and exploring a more urban lifestyle. To contact Generations of Savings for sponsorship, reviews, giveaways, press trips, or general information please email [email protected]

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