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“Get out of the way!!!” “NOOOOOO!” “Send him in, not that guy. He is a bozo”  “GOOOOOO USA!!!!” Yeah, those are some of the things you are probably hearing around your house during the World Cup matches.  I went to lunch the other day at a local Mexican restaurant when Brazil was playing Chile.  It was bad.  Most of the restaurant was heavily invested in one side or another and when someone got close to scoring or when they scored you could definitely tell.  Strangely, most of my friends have no idea what the World Cup is and honestly the only reason I ever got into soccer was because my niece used to be a soccer player.  Now she focuses on softball but she was really good.  I guess she is just one of those natural athletes that are good at everything that they try. I am not jealous at all.  It is pretty awesome how into it that people get during matches. I love people that LOVE their sport or their team so much that they jump up and run around and scream.  Those are my favorite kind of fans and that is exactly what watching the US World Cup team with my family is all about.  If you aren’t kicking and screaming then you aren’t really watching the match.  Just one awesome reason why I love that Degree with MOTIONSENSE is the Official Deodorant of U.S. Soccer.  It can get pretty sweaty in here while watching because when you love your team, watching is a sport on its won.  So move more, cheer more and Do:More this summer with Degree!

World Cup Degree Motionsense

This summer Degree Men and Walgreens are celebrating together and just like my family, they are cheering on the U.S. World Cup Team!  Right now at Walgreens, Degree wants you to Do:More with a great offer.  Stop in Walgreens 6/29–7/5 and get 1,000 Balance Rewards points when you buy 2 Degree Men Deodorant products.  Now I do not know about you but I usually use men’s deodorant because I have sensitive skin and something about their deodorant seems to agree with it.  Degree wants you to Do More this summer and try Degree with New, Improved MOTIONSENSE, the only antiperspirant that releases extra protection when you move AND has been developed to meet different demands for men and women.  I know my son needs something like this because he smells like  a wet dog after all the jumping around he does while watching games.  He also plays sports and wow.  I cant even begin to tell you how bad he sweats during games. Degree MOTIONSENSE responds to your body to keep you feeling confident and cool for up to 48 hours.  1000 Balance Reward points for something I would have bought anyways? Yeah I am heading to Walgreens!



Do: More because Degree and your team won’t let you down.




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