Dancing Groot Clip – Guardians of the Galaxy #guardiansofthegalaxy


I saw Guardians of the Galaxy again on Friday.  Like most Marvel movies, I will probably see it in theaters at least three times. I had a date with my lovely soul twin and we had a blast just like we did the first time we saw it.  Of course, Vin Diesel is amazing as Groot.  I never doubted it though because I remember him in Iron Giant and that movie stole my heart. And then it squeezed it.  Pretty much the same for this movie. So if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet then you should probably take a tissue.  Check out this cute video of dancing Groot though.  It is so awesome.


Guardians of the Galaxy Clip: “Dancing Groot”


You can find this clip on YouTube or see it below:



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3 thoughts on “Dancing Groot Clip – Guardians of the Galaxy #guardiansofthegalaxy”

  1. Dancing Groot is so cute. I like this movie a lot. I only saw it once in the Theater, but I would love to see it again. One of my favorite movies.

  2. I want to see this so bad. So do my kids. I didn’t think this was a “grab a tissue” type of movie, but thanks for the warning! We all watched the dancing Groot video though. It was super cute. We saw Groot in a cartoon a year or so ago. They made him much cuter for the movie than in the cartoon. He was very creepy and skeletal looking.

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