Dance Like Nobody’s Watching & Sweat Off the Pounds!

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Dance fitness has become an increasingly popular method of losing weight since it’s a lot more interesting than running on a treadmill, doing yoga or lifting weights. The combination of hand and foot movement turns it into a fast paced dance, making it an ideal way for many people to exercise without feeling bored.

People and Standard Exercising

One of the problems with standard exercise routines is that people tend to grow tired of the repetition of doing the same movements each day. Webmd stated that people like their movements the same way they like their food, with sufficient levels of variety. This is why so many people stop exercising; they simply grow bored of its stagnancy. The growing popularity of dance fitness is directly connected to this since it acts as an interesting alternative to what people know as exercising today.

Keeping and Maintaining Interest

The way that dance fitness is able to maintain the interest of the people that participate in it is through variable exercises. This means that after the participants have been taught the necessary basic moves, they then focus on increasingly difficult and different maneuvers and actions. This makes it so that the people dancing are kept on their toes; they have to continuously adapt and in the end this keeps them engaged and coming back to the classes. Health explains that through this entire experience, their interest doesn’t wane and actually increases as they discover that they are getting more and more adept at the different moves and styles they are being taught.

Social aspects of Dance Fitness

Another interesting aspect of dance fitness is that it has a social component to it that actually encourages people to keep on participating. Dancing in a group of people actually creates a sense of camaraderie among the participants. As a result, this creates friendships and in some cases even relationships; all of which is connected to dance fitness.

There’s an old saying that states that “man is a social creature.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of fitness. One of the main reasons why people get turned off and stop working out is because they don’t like doing it alone. The feeling of putting in individual effort and being alone grates on a person’s desire to be part of a group. This is why dance fitness studios become social hubs with high levels of consumer patronage. Simply put, people like the experience of being part of a group and talking with one another. This creates a sense of unity where dancing with other people convinces you to get even better which results in you getting into the dance craze which then facilitates an even greater consumer patronage.

Is it Physically Exhausting?

While there are other forms of group activity that are physically exhausting like CrossFit, dance fitness is much easier on the body. It focuses more on having fun among people rather than trying to push them to their absolute limit. Remember, the point of all that dancing in the first place is to encourage people to workout. By making them absolutely exhausted each time they came to the studio, it’s likely they will become so tired of it that they no longer come back at all. Harpersbazaar stated that is why dance fitness is a good combination of both a calorie burning exercise and something actually fun to do.

For People at Home

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the necessary membership fees for the group dance studio sessions or some of the studios are simply located too far away to attended within an appropriate span of time. One possible alternative that some people interested in dance fitness may want to try out is Bombay Jam’s Bollywood dance DVD. Bombay Jam is unique since it combines traditional Indian dance moves with top 40 music, resulting in what can only be described as a fast-paced hybrid dance that ‘s excellent for increasing one’s cardio. While you may think that taking lessons from a DVD is not as effective as from an actual person, the entire lesson comes with a multitude of examples, dance sequences and moves that are clearly taught and shown by the instructors in the video. This method of exercising creates something that is interesting, exciting, and above all makes you actually look forward to exercising.

Just remember, before you participate in anything strenuous, you must seek the advice of your physician to make sure that your body can handle it. And while you should only check your weight weekly, you can check out this great scale that I received to review that I love, the Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Scale.

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10 thoughts on “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching & Sweat Off the Pounds!”

  1. I turn on the long version of “Happy” by Pharell Williams and dance my bum off with my dog. I’m exhausted and out of breath by the time I finish. Besides exercise, it lifts my mood!

  2. This sounds like something I would be willing to try. Exercise is so much easier when you actually enjoy what you’re doing.

  3. I definitely prefer dancing to routine exercise! I would love to take a sneak peek at Bombay Jam’s workout video and see if it would work for me.

  4. I love dancing! I have come to the point in my health journey where too much high intensity high impact cardio is wearing me out and wearing me down. Dance fitness is easier on my body and still gets my heart rate up. Right now I am doing Beachbody’s CIZE and I am really enjoying it.

  5. This sounds like fun. I know what killed it for me at a gym I’d have a dozen magazines while I’m on the machine, bored to tears and then you aren’t exercising that well, nor reading that good – I was glad when it was over. This is much more fun and most like much more effective as you can stick with it!

  6. I-would-love-to-try-to-get-my-exercise-and-try-to-lose-weight-and-get-back-into-shape-that-way,-but

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