Cupcake Decorating on Liberty of the Seas at the Cupcake Cupboard

I cruised with Royal Caribbean International as part of a press group through #Brandcation. While my cruise was complimentary, I did not receive any monetary compensation. As always, all opinions are my own. #SeastheDay


You all know that I a sucker for a pretty dessert.  I like my food to look amazing and taste amazing.  I told someone recently that I wanted to take a class on how to make food ‘pretty’.  Amazingly I got my wish during my #SeastheDay cruise with Royal Caribbean on the Liberty of the Seas.  We got to take cupcake decorating classes at the Cupcake Cupboard.

I saw this awesome cupcake shop while sneaking around on the first day trying to figure everything out.  I knew I was going to get some eventually so I didnt pay it too much attention besides thinking it was a really cute shop.



Besides the amazing looking cupcakes, they also sold cupcake themed items.


The group that went before me got to make Cupcake Puppies so I was really excited to do it.  Lisa from Planet Weidnecht wrote a great tutorial on how they made theirs.


Didnt Jen from LifewithLevi make the cutest sad puppy?

When it was time for us to go down there I was practically starving and so excited! I wanted to save room for my cupcake so I didnt eat as much for lunch as I normally did.  I knew that we were doing something different than the other group so I couldn’t wait to see what it was.


Our table was laid out when we got there and covered in saran wrap.  There were 14 of us I believe in my group. We all had to wash our hands before we could get started.  Our instructor was super awesome. He had been so many places and he told us about himself before we got started.  Then we went around the table to talk about ourselves which you know that bloggers can do really well.


This was my workstation

cupcakeclasses11I was like how are we going to make something with this assortment?  Our instruction told us that we were going to make a hamburger and french fries.  I was extremely skeptical that we could make a hamburger AND french fries with just three cupcakes.  We cut the first cupcake three times to make the buns then the chocolate cupcake twice to make the double meat patties.  Then we squeezed the ketchup on the first layer then mustard on the second layer.  So on and so forth. Then we squeezed the fondant to make it look like it was melted cheese. Mine looks dirty because I still had chocolate crumbs on my hands from cutting the hamburger layers.


We had a contest on who could build the biggest cupcake so we added a ton of ketchup and mustard in the middle of each layer to raise it up.  We finished with cutting the last cupcake 4 times across and then 4 times sideways to make french fries.  A candy wedge cut in half and put together was our pickle and sprinkles were our salt and sesame seeds.



I had so much learning how to make my hamburger and french fries! Next time you take a Royal Caribbean cruise you should definitely ask about the Cupcake Cupboard.


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