Check out Applebees #BestDateEver Sweepstakes & Try Their New Menu!

I was provided an Applebee’s giftcard for my visit. As always, all opinions are my own.


Get out to Applebee’s and have the #BestDateEver and you can enter to win awesome prizes! Until September 9th, Applebee’s will be rewarding 20 lucky fans with date packages and gift cards to come on back and enjoy the Best Date Ever. By snapping a photo of you and your date and using the hashtag #BestDateEver and #Sweepstakes, fans are automatically eligible to win this prize! Super easy to enter and you get to be having fun too!


I was asked to try out Applebee’s  and talk about their awesome new sweepstakes. You all know my husband hates to leave the house so I had to convince him that we would have fun. And eat a ton. We went to our local Applebees in Pelham, AL and it was pretty awesome. We didnt have a wait even though it was a Friday night and they were appropriately packed since its usually date night.

Just being our normal weird selves enjoying dinner @applebees #BestDateEver #sweepstakes

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I love taking funny photos with my husband. He is actually super hilarious but he will never smile for the camera unless he is being silly.


Did you know you can order from the Applebee’s app and have it ready when you pick it up? I didnt even know there was an app till I saw someone picking up their food and they mentioned it. I feel like I am behind the times. I wanted to try something from the Wood Fire Grill because I hear so much about it from friends. I am so glad I tried the SHRIMP ‘N PARMESAN SIRLOIN*. I started eating it as soon as they brought it out and only then remembered that I needed to take a picture. So no picture of my steak but I assure it was delicious. I could only eat half of it and all the shrimp because the 4 cheese mac n cheese with bacon was so filling. And I ate like half the cheese sticks that we got for our appetizer. They had so much cheese in them! I just kept eating them.  My husband chose an All-In Burger that had brisket on it. He didnt let me have a bite. I guess I will have to get it next time because he ate it pretty quickly.


Our waitress suggested this dessert to us and said it was her favorite. Apple Chimicheesecake. Have you ever seen something so delicious? Obviously I hadnt because I took a bite again before taking a picture.

“Creamy cheesecake and caramel apples wrapped in a tortilla shell and lightly fried. We roll it in cinnamon sugar and place it on a bed of roasted apples. Served with ice cream and topped with caramel sauce.”

Yeah it was delicious. It was decadent. I had to fight my husband for the last bite even though just five minutes before we ordered dessert he said he was so full he was never eating again.


So what is your favorite thing to get at Applebee’s? Are you going to enter the #BestDateEver sweepstakes? Remember you only have till the 9th!


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