Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale Review

Disclaimer: I received a Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale as compensation for writing a review. All opinions are my own.


I was pretty excited to have a chance to review the Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale with SmarTrack App. My old scale died a few weeks ago and I was debating what scale to get when I got this offer. Developed by EatSmart Products, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative healthcare products, in partner with Taylor Precision Products, this scale has a bluetooth function that will pair the scale with most popular smartphones (devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and up). Together with the free SmarTrack app, you can log your weight, body fat ratio, muscle mass, body water percentage, and a daily calorie estimate. You can also export the data to three of the most popular diet and lifestyle apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, and MapMyFitness.


I have to say I was really pleased with the actual device once I unboxed it- it’s a very small scale, which is ideal for me because my master bathroom is TINY. There’s not a lot of floor space for anything at all, but the Smart Scale fits just right next to my shower and takes up less room than my old scale did. Check out this picture of the scale ‘in action’- I’ve placed a travel-sized saline bottle on it for scale. I’m honestly thrilled at how small it is, even though it’ll measure up to 400 pounds. I also really like the black and silver color scheme- very modern and sleek looking.

It came with batteries, so getting the scale up and running was dead easy. With the batteries in place, all I needed to do was to download the SmartTrack app and follow the directions from the app to get my account get up and synched with the scale. You do have to set up an account with the SmarTrack app in order to get the most out of this scale. There are instructions on how to operate and read the scale without using a bluetooth smartphone, so you can still see all the different measurements displayed on the scale if you don’t use a smartphone.

Once I had the app downloaded it was very simple to follow the app’s instructions on how to pair the scale with my phone and get rolling- when prompted, just flip the scale over and hold down the ‘Connect’ button on the back. You have to be barefoot in order to get all the different body fat and water readings; the scale sends a tiny electric signal into your body and is able to determine the readings based on the data it receives from this signal. Of course, it’ll tell you your weight without having to fiddle with anything at all, but it’s pretty awesome to have this extra information to track and see how your body changes with your workout routine. Interestingly, it does have inputs for activity levels, including if you’re an athlete, because that does affect how the bodyfat ratio is calculated. I know that BMI can be very inaccurate for athletes and I was wondering how the scale would account for that, so I found it very interesting that the designers had attended to that detail.


I really like that the SmarTrack app will synch with MyFitnessPal (among others) because that’s the primary app I use when tracking food consumption and weight loss. It will export (or not, you can toggle it off and on) your measurements into one of the apps its compatible with. Very convenient. I also really like that there are eight different ‘user slots’ so that the scale will track up to eight different users at one time. You can also input your target weight, activity level, age, gender, height etc. that help for a more accurate reading from the scale.

I spent $40 on my last ‘dumb’ scale and it died pretty rapidly. I think for the price point ($59.95 on Amazon) this scale is a very attractive, space-saving scale that has some pretty great features that can help you take control of your weight and health.

Check it out on Amazon!

Author: Amy

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6 thoughts on “Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale Review”

  1. I have been wanting a “smart scale” but the one that I found that synced with my fitbit was around a hundred dollars… too pricey for me. This one is much more reasonable.

  2. This is really neat. Love how you can connect with my fitness pal. And you can enter your info to get a better weight. Great review I will have to look into it 1

  3. I need to get a new scales, as I am getting older, it is harder to read the traditional old scales and what it says.

  4. I like the scale. Easy to use, easy to link with iPad app and with MyFitnessPal. Of course, only the new data is synced, the old data is not available. It seems there is no way to export your old data. So your data is held hostage by the app provided by the scale. If you delete the app, all your old data is lost. I have used the scale for more than six months. I had to go back and find my average for each month, pick an average day, and manually put that log into MyFitnessPal.

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