The Best European Destinations For Bargain Holidays

When it comes to holiday destinations, Europe has something for everybody. From culture, art and beautiful cities, to beach, sand and sun; the choice is varied, as are prices.

In this moment of lingering crisis and not-so-good weather, discount packages are worth considering. Bargain holidays are perfect options for individuals who want a relaxing vacation that is one for the books without burning a hole in their pocket.

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Santorini, Greece

Mediterranean Magic is known for its enchanting combination of sun, sea and sense of history that belongs to the Mediterranean. It is the soft climate, the ancient stones, the warm inviting sea itself; on the island of Santorini you are surrounded by all these. It is a sunny, welcoming island; stay in a rustic hotel or find a holiday apartment amongst the bright white typical flat-roofed houses. Holiday rents are inexpensive and the cost of living low; shopping for local souvenirs or freshly-caught fish is low-cost fun!

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Rome, Italy

The Eternal City is big, chaotic and very old. Expect a few big-city prices; avoid fancy shops and restaurants. A Vatican visit is pricey, but you can enjoy all the ancient grandeur of Rome, spending very little. To appreciate the Foro Imperiale, the Colosseum and all the other ancient sites, all you need are feet. Accommodation need not be expensive: near the station there are many small budget hotels that offer good service.

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Andalucia, Spain

Enjoy the gitano atmosphere in the land of flamenco. In Andalucia this is the dominant art form; seductive and mysterious, it leaves the spectator enchanted. Here, in the deep south of Spain, the historical Moorish influence is much in evidence and prices are low. Visit Alhambra in Granada (finest example of Moorish architecture), sunbathe on Malaga’s beaches, dance Sevillanas in Sevilla, visit Cordoba and Cadiz: good fun, good sun and good prices!

These are the most inexpensive European holiday destinations I could find; they are beautiful places, well worth visiting and prices are really low. There are also super bargain package holidays available for all the above destinations which allow you to save even more.


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  1. I would love to see any and all of these places, and I’d be happy to go when it is the best bargain prices!

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