Be the Host with the Most with Subway Catering

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Have you ever had one of those dreams where its Tuesday and your husband tells you that he needs to supply a healthy lunch for his team the very next day? Actually that should say nightmare except its real life. It is the adult version of the kids forgetting they have a project due the next day and remembering at 8 pm the night before. I have been there.  My friend has is happen all the time with her manager husband.  He calls her and is like, ‘Honey, we need to have a get together with my team leads at our house. Please feed us because we are all hungry executives. ”  Ok he probably doesn’t tell her that they are hungry executives because that sounds slightly elitist. What do you do? Well, my friend calls someone to do it for her. Someone like Subway Canada.

Subway Canada has a great catering program.  They can get your order together in 24 hours.  Some orders can even be made the same day. Probably the best choice for tons of food for everyone is their sandwich platters, piled high with an assortment of tasty subs. Each sandwich platter typically feeds 5 – 9 people which is just perfect for an office function or a family get together. They can even do veggies and topping on the side if you want.  They are happy to try to accommodate any request.

So the next time you are in a rush and need to get some food served for your office or personal function, check out Subway Canada because their catering service has just what you need.   And you can pop in and get some cookies for all the ‘work’ you did ordering it.

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