BabyBond Review and Giveaway!

I was provided a BabyBond nursing cover in exchange for my honest opinion.

As I am sure many of you have noticed, I am a nursing mom. I am very casual about nursing so whenever my son wants to eat, I let him eat. This upsets people for some reason especially both of my brother-in-laws. They leave the room whenever I nurse. So I decided I would try a cover just for the haters. Elijah hated it. He didnt want it over his head or he thought I was playing peek a boo and kept pulling it off. Finally, after almost giving up on the idea, I was given the chance to review a nursing cover by BabyBond.

BabyBond offers three different types of nursing wear. The BabyBond Original is worn like a sash, functioning likeĀ a nursing top. You can nurse from the top of your shirt. It has a built in burp cloth at the shoulder. The BabyBond Flex is similar but it has a removable burp cloth. The BabyBond Couture can be worn as a sash or a bellyband so you can nurse from the top or bottom of your shirt. The Original comes in Black, Espresso or Charcoal. The Flex comes in Chocolate, Night or Charcoal. The Couture comes in five different colors which are Espresso, Hudson, Riviera, Classic or Barcelona. The Flex and Original have a matching storage pouch. The Couture rolls up to store which is pretty cool.

I decided to try the Flex in the very pretty Charcoal color. I think I should have ordered a smaller size though. I always overestimate myself and end up going too big on things. It fit around me nicely but my son kept grabbing the bottom of the flex part and pulling it open further. He is a very active baby while he nurses. It kept me covered though no matter what he did. Very well designed. The fabric was very soft as well. I love the detachable burp cloth.This is me nursing Baby E while playing pinochle at my grandmothers.

How does the BabyBond work? Here is a video showing some tips.

Author: Kat

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