Aurorae Aqua Microfiber Beach Towel Review

Aurorae Aqua has created an ultra-absorbent microfiber beach and swim towel, perfect for the whole family! Measuring 32×68, these beach towels are the perfect size for lounging on in the sand, or for drying off at the pool. These Aurorae Aqua towels are available in a wide variety of vibrant and inspiring colors — you’re sure to be able to find the perfect color for every member of your family to enjoy this summer! It didn’t soak up the water in the way that I thought which was interesting.


These towels are more compact than your typical, high-nap style beach towels which are bulky, hard to transport, and take way too long to dry back out once they get wet. The lightweight nature of the Aurorae Aqua microfiber beach towel means that it is quick to dry back out once it has gotten wet, making it possible to use the towel faster once it’s been used to dry off. It’s also thick enough to provide a comfortable cushion to lie on pool-side or at the beach, and since it has such a low-nap design, it’s much easier to shake off sand and dirt and keep your towel clean and ready to use. And it’s much easier to fold or roll compactly, making for fewer bags to haul to the pool or ocean.


Once beach and pool season is over, the Aurorae Aqua microfiber beach towel makes an excellent gym towel- making it easier to get through your yoga routine, weight lifting workout, or indoor pool activities with the same absorbent qualities that makes it such an ideal summer towel.


Author: Amy

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