Amaze Your Child with a Package From Santa

This post is sponsored and we received a Platinum package to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Last year I shared something new that we started with our kids where we received an amazing package from Santa himself via that my son and daughter loved so much.

What makes so special and set apart from any other company is THEY DO IT ALL (packages, letters, calls and videos from Santa and so much more…) With EVERY Package From Santa sold comes one free call and one free video. They have so much already in their package and then they add the free call and video. My children had so much fun last year that I wasn’t sure it could be topped.

But then we received a really cool video just for my daughter. She is four and just realizing the magic of Christmas. The movie quality was excellent and it was so easy to make. I just inputted a few details about my daughter and they did the rest!

Right now you can get your own PackagefromSanta for 25% off using promo code RED1848. 



I assumed that my children would believe at least until elementary school about Santa. I know my older son was like 8 before he stopped believing and he kept it to himself. I was told last year when my son was just barely 5 that he didn’t believe in anything anymore. He told me he knew that I was Santa and that his dad was the Tooth Fairy. I am not for lying but alluding so I was just like, well, if that is what you want to believe. I knew that once he started school that many kids would be talking about Santa. He told me this year that he thinks Santa is real but he doesn’t know how he does everything. He said he thinks its probably impossible because we cant even get to his grandmother’s house without it taking hours so Santa cant get around the world in one night. I told him it was magic (and I personally believe everyone should have a little more magic in their lives) and that Santa has helpers everywhere. Then we got invited to review We were sent the Platinum package.


What is in the Platinum

  • Personalized Letter from Santa Claus
  • Personalized Nice List Certificate
  • 8 1/2 X 11 Autographed Santa Claus Photo
  • Autographed Rudolph Photo
  • “Santa, Stop Here!” Window Decal™
  • Rudolph’s Sleigh Bell w/ Velvet Pouch™
  • Collectors Santa Swatch
  • Mrs. Claus’ Famous Sugar Cookie in Tin™
  • Christmas Cocoa – Santa’s Favorite!
  • Genuine Reindeer Food in Collector’s Tin
  • Elf Candy Cane with Red Bow
  • Santa’s Special North Pole Return Address Label
  • Special Elf Shipping Label Addressed To Your Child
  • Genuine North Pole Stamp
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • BONUS! Personalized Call from Santa (retail: $9.99)
  • BONUS! Personalized Santa Video! (retail: $9.99)
  • 2016 Red Collector’s Box with Custom Artwork


He had such a blast getting mail of his very own! I wish I had recorded him getting it from the front porch. He was so excited. He was like IT SAYS MY NAME! And then when he opened it he did a little dance.

I loved the whole box. It was such a great idea especially for a kid who was starting to not believe in magic anymore. And they had tons of options to personalize it just for your child. They had several different packages as well. And you can do a personalized phone call from Santa and a personalized video message. I haven’t set ours up yet because I want to be able to record it when my son watches it and my husband is never home when he is awake so I plan on doing it soon when his schedule changes.


I think he liked the reindeer food most of all. He thought it was so cute and he wanted to go spread it outside right away. I convinced him to wait until Christmas Eve.



Right now you can get your own PackagefromSanta for 25% off using promo code RED1848. 


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