7 Frugal Recipes for Feeding Roses

7 Frugal Recipes for Feeding Roses

Frugal Recipes for Feeding Roses

Roses are a beautiful and timeless addition to any garden or landscaping design. They add instant color, wonderful fragrance, elegance, and of course beauty. Roses have been doted upon in yards all over the world for hundreds of years, and tend to be one of the most popular flowers planted in yards today! Because of the love people have for roses, there have been so many tips and tricks developed when it comes to the care of them. If you have recently planted a rose bush, or just want to pamper the ones you already have, take a look below at 7 frugal recipes for feeding roses. You will want to do everything you can to help these beauties flourish, and below you will find out exactly how to do that. Take a peek!

All of these remedies can be pulled off using objects and ingredients you already have around the house. You won’t need to run to any fancy gardening centers or spend big bucks on any special ingredients. You will truly enjoy some budget blooms.

1.  Banana Peel Perfection
Roses love potassium found in bananas! So place a peel or two peels in the hole before planting your rose bushes. This way will compost naturally.

2. Crazy Coffee grounds
Roses are considered to be acid loving plants. Take your coffee grounds and mix them into the soil, or sprinkle them on top of the ground prior to doing any watering.

3. Excellent Egg shells
Don’t toss those egg shells from breakfast. Instead, wash them and then crush until they are fine. Stir the shell pieces into the soil and the calcium carbonate will get to work.

4. Centisble Cornmeal
Did you know that your basic cornmeal contains phosphorus and nitrogen? These ingredients are a natural defense against fungus. Add a cup of cornmeal to five gallons of water. Allow to soak, then strain. Pour the liquid at the base of your plants.

5. Great Grass Clippings
Who doesn’t have grass clipping lying around? Clippings are full of nitrogen, which is yummy to your roses. Soak handfuls of grass clippings in water and allow to soak for a few hours. Then, just layer it up around the base of your plants.

6. Animal manure.
While it sounds yucky, it is quite yummy to your roses. Find a local farmer who owns cows or even chickens and see if you can get a bucket of manure. Place it around your plants as you would mulch and let it do its job.

7. Marvelous Molasses
Molasses is sweet and tasty to us, and roses love it too. It creates good bacteria that is essential to plant growth. All you need to do is add a few tablespoons to a gallon of water and mix well. Pour onto your plants as you would normally water them.
Seriously does it get any easier than this? These ingredients are easily obtainable, and these recipes require no more than two ingredients to pull them off. In no time you can see your roses begin to flourish from the natural nutrients you are feeding them.

You don’t have to resort to pricey plant foods and fertilizers. Nor do you have to opt for fertilizers that are full of harmful chemicals. If you have children and pets, or just want to enjoy a more natural lifestyle, these quick fixes are the perfect way to feed your roses naturally, for less.
So grab your ingredients and head out to the garden. Your roses will be so happy to see you with these tasty new treats!

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