6 Grooming Items Your Man Will Definitely Use

We normally hear a lot of women complain about buying stuff for their man. Will I buy him a new pair of socks? A pair of cute printed boxers? How about a fountain pen? See this man below here?  Pickiest dad ever. Sometimes, we just forget that discount colognes, basic shaving cream and other fundamental grooming aids are just what your man needs. Women like to experiment and think about gift items which their man doesn’t have yet. . But think about this: maybe he hasn’t had that yet because he doesn’t need it.

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The key to giving your man something he’ll definitely use is to examine his bathroom and his travel must-haves. Take a look at these 7 items and we guarantee you, you’ll be seeing these products in his grooming space.


1. Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli for Men. One of the best colognes for men you can find today is Just Cavalli. If your man exudes youth and likes to play a game of seduction with you, this is just the perfect accessory. Whatever game he’s playing, we’re sure you want to play prey. A scent that fits well during springtime, you’ll get the scent of pimento and vetiver wood.

2. Biotherm Homme Day Control Roll-On Anti-Perspirant 72H Extreme Performance. Men sweat differently from women and most of the time, a deodorant spray isn’t enough to keep them dry all day. Let him try this anti-perspirant for an all-day sweat control.

3. Tom’s of Maine Natural Wicked Fresh! Long-Lasting Mouthwash. Love kissing your man so much? Now he can kiss you anytime, anywhere just by bringing a bottle of this long-lasting mouthwash. The refreshing mint mouthwash freshens breath and kills germs. Now it won’t be awkward to give him a kiss anytime of the day.


4. Goldwell for Men Dualsenses Thickening Shampoo. One of the main concerns of men is their thinning hair. This stems from either genetics or stress. To bring back his very own crowning glory, a regular use of this thickening shampoo will give him a visibly fuller hair, making each strand stronger with an increased texture. Ask him to use a shampoo that’s meant for humans and not animals.

5. C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Foam with Eucalyptus Oil. Men should regularly shave their face, even if they are sporting a moustache, goatee or beard. Shaving irritates the skin, causing cuts and redness that’s why a shave foam product will aid in retaining a smooth skin even during shaving. The added eucalyptus oil will keep the moisture locked in.

6. Schick Disposable Razor Permanent Sliding Safe Cap. For his travel needs, pack him a disposable razor in his grooming kit. His hands will be safe while he’s rummaging through his toiletry bag because of this razor’s protective sliding cap. The razor has twin blades that can cut through hair in very close distance.

All these men’s items are available at Beauty Encounter. If you want something for yourself for free, join Beauty Encounter’s March contest and get a chance to win $150 worth of fragrance and beauty products from top brands. Find out more about this by visiting their website.

Author: Kat

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