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I know all about good things and bad things in the digestive system. I had to learn all about it when I had two kids with severe reflux and one child with an immune deficiency. Now all my kids are to the age that they do not have problems like that but sometimes they have trouble ‘going.” It is a common problem in kids and I am glad for great products like Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go™ Formula Probiotic to help keep them regular. A kid with a sad tummy is a very unhappy camper. Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-GoTM Formula gently yet effectively restores the natural balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract and promotes daily regularity to help your child go easier. That sounds pretty awesome to me since I take the adult version of Culturelle® myself. It is a staple in our household.


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Sixty-one percent of moms cite occasional regularity issues in their children as a top concern. To help overcome this issue, Culturelle® created new Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go Formula with a gentle blend of dietary fiber from inulin, a prebiotic vegetable fiber and whole kiwi fruit. Another key ingredient,Lactobacillus GG, the most studied probiotic strain,†† works in harmony with the fiber to promote regularity, helping kids go easier while keeping their digestive systems running smoothly.*


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  1. I’ve used Culturelle for my grandson when he was on an antibiotic. It was recommended by our pediatrician. It seems to work great and kept his stomach from feeling upset.

  2. I have not used Culturelle for my kids, but I have used it and it really works. I’m sure it will work just fine for my kids.

  3. I have used Culturelle myself. It’s definitely the brand we reach for when we look for a probiotic around here. I love the idea of giving it to our daughter. I didn’t realize they had a kids’ version!

    1. The link takes you to another page on your site. There were several posts. One was about the red carpet activities. One was headphones.

  4. I believe I have just entered all of your great giveaways. I know I have never left so many comments before in my whole life. 🙂 I do love entering the giveaways and every once in awhile I get lucky. It makes checking your emails more exciting to me.

  5. No, I did not download. I just got though taking my computer to get it fixed. I was told I had a lot of viruses due to downloading coupons. I can’t take a chance on doing it again.

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