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I am sure many of you saw my recent post on 4X Pro-B Digestive Care Natural Probiotics that I got at Costco.com.  If you havent seen it, you can read it here. I said that I would check back in and let everyone know how I have been doing. I have been taking it for about a month now and I can really tell the difference.  It is really easy to integrate into my normal routine and because of taking it, I can remember to take my vitamins everyday now!

digestive care

One of the first things I noticed was that I have more energy to get things done. The last year or so though, I have had no energy at all. I can’t complete anything and do tasks that require the least amount of work on my part. Not to mention being sick a bunch along with Baby E. I am taking a turn for the better though. I have been running 18 sets of stairs everyday and walking the parking lot on my breaks at work. I have also been doing crunches at night.  I started leaving my pedometer at work though because I kept forgetting to bring it back the next day. So I get around 5k to 7k steps in at work and then I know I walk around the same or double (on basketball nights) after work. So I would be making more on my Healthmiles account but I just cant trust myself to bring it back to work the next day.

I am also very regular now. I know, kinda personal, but it needs to be said. When I was pregnant with Baby E, I was always constipated. Then after I had my gallbladder removed it either running to the bathroom as soon as I ate something or being constipated. No middle ground. I am finally normal again and that is a relief! I have been eating so much better. I started the Nutrisystem a couple of weeks ago and started eating more veggies like broccoli. I must eat broccoli three times a week.

So by eating right, taking my vitamins, and taking 4X Pro-B, I have literally turned my life around. I am more fun to be around since I am not so tired. I feel amazingly healthy! I even play with the kids more now. I highly recommend this product. As I mentioned earlier, you can find it on Costco.com. Here is my online shopping trip when I was looking to buy it. You can also check out Costco’s Facebook page for promotions and product news.

I am happy because now I can spend more time with the kids and less time sitting around. I am also sleeping better. Not as good as Baby E in the picture below but probably about 25 percent more than normal. And for an insomniac, that is ALOT!

digestive care
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