4 Reasons to Splurge on HIBICLENS Antimicrobial Soap


Moms everywhere are wondering how they can save money at every turn. The goal for this post is to help you justify splurging on a revolutionary health product that will save you time and money in the long run. The world is filled with germs and bacteria that could keep your family under the foot of sickness. Washing your hands daily with HIBICLENS® helps you prevent the contraction and spread of disease and illness.

HIBICLENS is a medical grade antimicrobial hand soap trusted by hospitals, healthcare professionals, and moms for everyday germ prevention. It’s tough on germs, gentle on the most sensitive skin, and offers convenient use. Here are four reasons why you should splurge on HIBICLENS:



Health providers worldwide use and recommend HIBICLENS antimicrobial soap every day to fight against germs. They use it themselves before surgical procedures and they recommend it to colleagues and patients.


HIBICLENS kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi on contact with its active agent – Chlorhexidine Gluconate [CHG].




Using HIBICLENS is easy: first, rinse your hands with warm water. Next, using 5mL (about 1 teaspoon) of HIBICLENS, wash your hands for 15 seconds. Finally, thoroughly rinse and dry your hands and that’s it!

Up to 24-hour Protection

HIBICLENS antimicrobial soap protects your hands against germs for up to 24 hours. Other antibacterial soap products only protect you until you touch another germ-infested surface; and most alcohol-based hand sanitizers lose their effect after the alcohol dries. And they call that protection? HIBICLENS is long lasting so you and your family can be protected for an entire day. Wash your hands with HIBICLENS once every morning and forget about it for the rest of the day.



HIBICLENS antimicrobial soap is tough and gentle at the same time. How you ask? It kills the nastiest germs on contact, preventing illnesses ranging from the common cold to Staphylococcus (Staph infection – including MRSA). But HIBICLENS is also gentle on the most sensitive skin (based on findings from the PRACs Report #R05-0225). For added value, HIBICLENS is safe for use by pregnant moms.



Our goal is to curb the spread of disease worldwide. Make HIBICLENS your family’s go to solution for daily hygiene. Take the first step to protecting your family today with a money-saving coupon and more information at hibiclens.com.

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