10 Ways to Repurpose Fabric Scraps

10 ways to repurpose fabric scraps

Whether you are a crafter, love thrift stores, or just can’t pass up a good sale at the craft shop, chances are you have boxes of scrap fabric and you just don’t know what to do with them! It is quite easy to be quickly overrun by your scrap fabrics, as you hate to toss them or get rid of them, not sure of when you might need them again. Well if you are drowning in fabric, take a peek below at 10 ways to repurpose fabric scraps. It turns out these scraps can live quite the second life if you know a few tips and tricks! So go to the basement and haul out your scraps, then take a look at how easy it is to repurpose those fabric scraps.

10 Ways to Repurpose Fabric Scraps:

1. Give the birds a hand.
If you have scraps that are starting to shred or stained, birds would love to have them to build their nests. Just rip into strips and hang on your branches outside. Birds will love coming and helping themselves to the threads to build better nests.

2. DIY eye mask.
Simply measure out two scraps that are approximately 7×3 inches. Do a simple hand stitch around the border, leaving room to pour in some dry rice and a drop of lavender oil. Stitch closed. Warm the packet in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time and place over your eyes for instant relaxation.

3. Cover a book.
Scrap fabric can be used just like butcher paper to cover and protect your favorite book. Just wrap around your favorite book and secure with fabric tape or glue. Practical and pretty!

4. Perfect pedicure pals.
Instead of bunching up cotton or tissue between your toes when you paint your nails, keep a stash of small fabric squares on hand. You can easily fold them, tuck them between the toes, paint, and remove. They will keep your paint from smudging and you can wash and reuse them!

5. Create a cup cozy.
You don’t need a lot of fabric to create your own cup cozy. Just cut a strip of fabric a few inches thick that will fit around your favorite mug. You don’t even need to stitch the edges, just sew a button on so you can wrap and secure your favorite drink.

6. Make simple and sweet cat toys.
Cut your scraps into simple squares and fill the centers with cat nip. You can then stitch the scraps closed or simply gather and tie with string creating a pouch. Toss it to kitty and see how crazy she goes!

7. Make a sensory book for toddlers.
Take a variety of fun fabrics that feel pleasing to the hand and are fun on the eyes. Cut into 8 by 8 inch squares (smaller is ok too) and stack on top of each other. Run a stitch or use fabric glue to secure the left side of the stack. Give to a toddler to flip through and experience the different colors and textures.

8. Easy earth friendly cleaning rags.
Stained or torn fabric is great to have on hand for polishing silver, dusting, and other cleaning tasks. Plus you can wash and reuse them! No more wasting money on paper towels.

9. Floor savers.
Cut fabric scraps into small squares and slip under the legs of your furniture. This will keep the legs from scratching the hardwood floors saving you from tons of money in damage and repairs.

10. Create a cooling neck wrap.
Take a length of fabric and roll up like a fruit roll up. You can secure by bunching and stitching the ends or just place rubber bands at each end. Dip into cold water and place it in the freezer for an hour or so. When going out to work or play in the yard on a hot day, place the wrap on the back of your neck for instant and lasting cooling!

See how easy it is to get some practical use out of those fabric scraps? Gather yours now and see what second life you can give them. Not only will you save money, but you will have some great fun in the process!

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