Summer Biannual Blogathon Bash

Biannual Blogathon Bash

Today I was on Facebook and I heard some friends talking about the Biannual Blogathon Bash. I remember when the last one came around I was nursing a sick child that whole week and I swore I would do the next one. Well here it is! June 22nd through the 25th.   And I am supposed to be working on our refinance but I would rather blog instead.  So I am going to try to get as much done as possible this weekend and everytime I take a break from washing floorboards or mending curtains, I will be on my blog working.  This is one weekend my insomnia is going to come in handy!

I will be working on my SEO alot this weekend! So you won’t really see what I am doing but hopefully it will bring me more awesome readers and sponsors!  I will also be working on everything I need to do when I finally transition over to WordPress. It will be as soon as I can afford the move.

Some other goals I have for this weekend are:

1. Creating a watermark for all photos
2. Updating old posts with no follow links
3. Tracking down all my old links from my .blogspot blog
4. Answering the hundreds of emails I have waiting for me
5. Working on the BtS Bash with my other co-hosts
6. Tagging old posts and hopefully getting rid of ALOT of labels

Its not too late to join!  Just check out the Biannual Blogathon page and follow the easy directions to sign up. Then you can link up your kickoff post as well!  You can follow the hashtag #blogathon2 on Twitter as well.

Author: Kat

Kat is a married mom of three kids aged 15, 7, and 4 that lives close to Birmingham, AL. She loves cats, books, cooking, hockey (especially the Chicago Blackhawks & Pittsburgh Penguins), and watching movies. She is an admitted nerd, comic book lover, action figure & barbie doll collector, blackjack dealer, beginner croupier, and all around queen of the dorks. You can reach her at to talk about product reviews, press trips, sponsorships, or brand messaging.

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