The Most Wonderful Thing About Cats -Wordless Wednesday

cats, wordless wednesday

The reason I love cats is because they are utterly pretentious. They love who they love and hate who they hate and arent shy about admitting any of it. They are perfect in every way. I just love cats. And I had to upload a new picture because the other one is small but I ...

Wordless Wednesday – Cooking Fail

Please be careful cooking/baking. Here is my booboo from last week that I got draining hamburger steaks. And here is the much smaller but no less painful booboo I got two days later making cupcakes.

Wordless Wednesday

So for my not so Wordless Wednesday, I would like to feauture my new but maybe not improved hairstyle: I give you: MOM HAIR This is as opposed to my beautiful, natural, long hair which I wore in a pony tail everyday because I never got that class from my mom on how to be a girl. This ...