Save More Money on Your Groceries with #PublixV50

I like to do something different for my kids every year for Easter. My parents still get my older sisters and I Easter gifts every year so I want my kids to have that joy as long as possible. So I hide their baskets and give them a variety of toys and candy with one special gift for each of them. I just have no idea lately what special gift I can give my teenager. I found a way to save money on cool basket essentials by shopping at Publix recently and wanted to share it.


From 4/8 – 4/21, Publix is having a promotion that lets you save $10 on your next shopping trip when you purchase $50 in Visa gift cards! What a great deal! I do not know that I can ever go to the grocery store without spending over $50 and I know I cant during Easter time because not only am I stocking up for a great meal I am always getting candy and snacks for my kids' baskets. And I can use that giftcard for a later shopping trip or I can give it to my son in his basket! He would love the thought of a giftcard that is just for him. I know my mom always stocks up on giftcards when Publix has deals like these because they are great for everything not just for gifts. And this time you can get $10 back on a later shopping trip. That is a lot of savings!  Find a store near you soon because this deal ENDS 4/21! 

What do you stock up on giftcards for? Do you remember to use a rewards card so that you can get even more savings back like miles, money, points, and more? I know I often forget to do that. Now I try to keep my debit card in my wallet zipper so that I am forced to grab my credit card to get my reward game on! I need those rewards to save up for Christmas. I do it all year long. That is why its great to start getting these deals when they start so I can go back a couple times and do the deal. Extra savings for me and extra giftcards to put up for gifts later on.


Enter to win a $50 Publix Giftcard! It is easy to enter and giveaway will end 4/20.

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