Funniest Moments of Demise in The Simpsons

I am going to come across as sounding old but when I was a kid we didn't have cable.  We only had a few channels and this mammoth of a tv. It had felt panels on the sides of it and no joke bunny ear antenna.  We used to eat dinner in the living room on this great coffee table that was round and had to weigh like a ton.  The only show that was worth watching back then at night was the Simpsons. We used to laugh like crazy at the antics of Bart and Lisa and like most kids we thought it was hilarious when the characters got hurt or ‘killed'.  There have been some pretty horrific deaths on the Simpsons but it is done so hilarious that you just roll on the floor laughing.  I can remember loving all the Treehouse of Horror episodes that came on near Halloween because they were slightly darker than the normal episodes and were meant to be spooky but were just too funny.


My favorite is the Treehouse of Horror episode where Groundskeeper Willie is stabbed with an ax three different times trying to help.  He wryly says that he is bad at this. I think that would be me.  I would be trying to help someone and end up getting killed because of tripping over a log or something.  Another really funny one is where Captain Tenille is torpedoed out of a sub by Homer.  Also, when no one was upset that Lisa killed Bart on the merry go round on accident and didn't believe her that it was accidental.  While slightly less severe it reminds of how many times my younger sister would start crying and I would be blamed just because I was mean to her often. And who can forget how many times Itchy killed Scratchy in a bloody but funny way?


Even though it was sad I think the way that Maude Flanders died was great.  I wish they put cause of death on obits because saying that someone bit the dust from tshirts shot of a cannon is just beyond awesome. I would attend their funeral. So many awesome characters died in the name of comedy. I just hope these characters had the foresight of taking out a good funeral insurance plan, as I'm pretty sure Dr Nick wouldn't have been able to do much for them.


Author: Kat

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11 thoughts on “Funniest Moments of Demise in The Simpsons”

  1. From zombies to the children being eaten in the school lunches, the Tree House of Horror has offered a unique look at death. I hadn’t thought about it too much, but you are right poor Willie he just can’t escape it.

  2. OMG ~ I cannot believe how long they have been around and that I can remember when it all started. There are so many “incorrect” scenes but I LMAO every time that I watch. I don’t have a fave death scene but will say when Maude died as it is the most recent in my memory bank.

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